Thursday, January 13, 2011

Try to understand the situation:

Extremism began to spread during the late 1960's.
It gained a strong foothold in The USA, Europe (including Britain), and Australia.

They began teaching women to despise their male counterpart.
every message thereafter conveyed the same narrow message.

The problem grew to the extent where Women's Talk Shows and Magazines dominated mainstream literature.

Every day, these programs sent a routine message attacking men.
It had nothing to do with any singular political issue.
There was no specific reason for these verbal assaults.
It became part of a daily routine.
Each new dawning saw another program insulting the entire male population.
While at the same time, teaching women to Jeer and Cheer.
IT resembled a Bolshevik rally from The Russian Revolution.
Welcome to the age of Indoctrination through electronic mediums.
They were reaching a vast audience through television.
And this device was being used to thoroughly brainwash the entire female population.

(please do not mistaken this with any singular agenda.
Do not claim this was merely an outcry promoting a noble issue.
This has nothing to do with legislation which guarantees equal-opportunity;
or anything of the sorts.)
Women's Talk-Shows and Magazines dealt with nothing specific.
Instead, it became a daily onslaught of sheer attacks perpetrated against men.
And soon;
this became the predominant culture.
The average woman,
such as your spouse, began acting in this very same harsh manner.

And, These programs continuously sent a basic message to its female audience:

"Don't get married"
"Don't settle Down"
"You don't need a man in your life"
"Be independent"
"Who needs a father, anymore"
"men are the enemy"

and so on.

It leads us to wonder how this type of extremism managed to push its way into mainstream Journalism.
Those same messages were repeated, again and again.
to the extent where it affected the personalities of every woman.
But, this is really no surprise.
After all; the Media was overrun with Activists who only pushed their own agenda.
Did these Women's Talk Shows really have a legitimate place in mainstream television?
Certainly not.
IT was merely the byproduct of staunch feminists making their way into prominent positions.
Woman's Groups should have been content while controlling the entire Daytime Talk-show scene; as well as launching hundreds of popular Woman's Magazines.
After all; many of these programs gained political prominence.
No longer were they confined to the genre of entertainment.
In other words; These Talk-shows and Magazines became highly respected forms of Political commentary.
SO, it's not surprising that similar material eventually became accepted in every major publication.
Articles appeared in every newspaper which seemed fit for a Magazine written by Die hard Feminists.
But these are the types of Daily headlines which flooded our Newspapers;
then eventually, the entire News Industry.
Indeed, you can watch respectable programs,
such as The Today Show and The Early Show;
and they promote feminism on a weekly basis.
You've also noticed the acceptance for Feminism in our most trusted Political Magazines (such as Newsweek & Time).
IN fact, this onslaught reached every facet of Journalism.
This also includes Financial publications, and Scientific Magazines.

Nowadays, it wouldn't even raise an eyebrow if Feminism was widely discussed in Medical Journals as well.

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